Specialists in Teaching in Wedding First Dance Choreographies

Teaching Wedding First Dance Choreographies

Wedding Dance Lessons

first dance dip
first dance dip

Wedding Dance Lessons Overview:

  • Designed for beginners - No dance experience required.
  • Taught in a single session (approx 3 hours).
  • Supported by our Online Tutorial. Clients get access to the tutorial BEFORE the class so that they can get ready for the class and extract more value with their time with their choreographer and they will keep access to it until their wedding day, hence making sure that they don't forget anything they have been taught and can practice with confidence. 

Your Wedding, Your Choreography, Your Choice...

We will give you a wide range of dance options to match the song you picked

and together we will create a choreography that suits your style.

From Simple & Elegant

To More complex & Impressive


Your Choice....

Kevin & Jena learned their choreography entirely from our Online Tutorial

white arrow wedding

3 Options:

You can learn to dance in a private class with just you and your choreographer, in a small group or even online.

Pick the option that suits you best!

Private Classes

tailored to you

A 2.5-hour private class tailored to your requirements.

A week or so before your private class with us, we will send you our video catalog and ask you to pick a few moves and patterns you like.

During the class the choreographer will teach you a choreography based on these patterns.

After the class you will use our online tutorial to practice your choreography and make sure you don't forget anything.

It's an efficient and stress-free way to learn

Get ready for applause! 



BUdget Friendly

A 3-hour workshop with a maximum of 6 couples (usually 5) participating.

You'll learn  a series of moves and patterns guarantee to impress.

A question we often get is "Will we all have the same choreography?"

The quick answer is no. Because each couple has a different song you'll mix and match the patterns in different ways.

You'll also get membership to our online tutorial so you can introduce news moves if you wish and you can use the tutorial to practice right up until the wedding day!


Online Course

convenient & Efficient

An online tutorial that you can access from anywhere at anytime.

Our tutorial is very thorough and covers a lot! 

You will learn everything you need to know to impress your guests on the big day.

It can be difficult to visualise how the tutorial works and how efficient it is.

So to give you an idea, have a look at Kevin and Jena's video below. 

Kevin and Jena live in the U.S.  They created and learnt their choreography solely with our online tutorial.

$99 per month

Wether you choose to take a workshop or a private lesson your choreography will be individualised. No two couples will have the same choreography.

Your dance teacher will make sure that you have the perfect dance routine for your special day and that you feel confident stepping on the dance floor. 

Not only that we can guarantee that you will have lots of fun learning!

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