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Wedding Dance Curriculum – Part 3

    Today it’s all about turns!  We teach On the Spot Turns for leaders and followers and Traveling Turns for followers. We also show a few variations. The 3rd video is about Brushes. […]

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    Wedding Dance Curriculum – Part 2

      In this we will discuss the step we teach and why we teach that particular step. We will also show 2 simple moves what we teach to our clients. We use […]

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      Wedding Dance Curriculum – Part 1

        The Draft First, we will show the 2 videos below to our clients to demonstrate what we teach.  The first video is a demonstration of the fundamentals dance skills required for […]

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        It All Starts With The Music

          Picking a SongFor the lucky couples, it’s easy, they have a song they both loved and that is meaningful to them. They might have met at a concert, dance together […]

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          Teaching Dance: 7 Tips

            teaching dancers

            7 Tips to Become a Better Wedding Dance Choreographer. This articles deals with general tips in relation to teaching, which will obviously be the first step in the process. Following […]

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