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Become a Wedding Dance Choreographer

Become a Wedding Dance Choreographer

Are you a dancer looking to get an additional income? Enter your email address below:

Are you a dancer looking to get an additional income? Enter your email address below:

Anthony Auffret

Are you a Dancer, Dance Teacher or Choreographer?

Then you're one step away from launching a successful business

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A lucrative market

It's no secret that the wedding industry is a lucrative market.


A few stats for 2018 in the U.S.A.:


  • The wedding industry is estimated to have been worth $78 BILLION 
  • They were roughly 2.5 millions weddings during the year
  • The average wedding cost $32,329 

When it comes to wedding, people will spend.

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Are you ready to tap into that market?

More and  more couples seek the help of choreographers and dance teachers to prepare for their First Dance.

Inept First Dances are becoming a thing of the past.

Are you ready to tap into that market? If you are a dancer or a dance teacher this is a golden opportunity, don't let it pass!

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How can you get involved?

Your dancing skills are in high demand and they are also highly valued!

Tapping into this market and creating a new revenue stream can be broken down into 2 steps:

  • Find potential clients and convert them to paying clients
  • Teach and choreograph their wedding dance with them, making sure you deliver more value than they could ever expect.
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Not a choreographer or dance teacher yet?

If you are not  yet a dance teacher or a choreographer now is a good time to see to that!

All you need is experience in partner dance.  

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How can we help?

We will do ALL the heavy lifting for you:

  • We will provide you with a repertoire of dance moves and ready made patterns.
  • We will show you exactly how to teach them.
  • We will show how to organise your sessions.
  • We will show you how to advertise your business. We will even create some Facebook ads for you so that all you will have to do is run them.
  • We will give you exclusive use of a website that we will create just for you. We will also host and maintain that website for you.

Basically we will hand you over a turnkey business!

How much will it costs?

A better questions is: How much will it cost you NOT to do it?

Don't wait any longer, you are just leaving cash on the table!

Join our waiting list now.


What Our Users Are Saying:

The First Dance Academy was a godsent to me.

I was finding it very tough to make ends meet with my regular dance classes.

The wedding choreography workshops are a great earner and the academy made every so easy and so efficient. 

Anna Friel - Dance Teacher

I highly recommend the First Dance Academy!

I always dreamed to be a dance instructor and now I am. It feels great, thank you so much for the opportunity!!!

I do what I love, I am my own boss, life is good!

Alex Marquez - Dance Instructor

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